How to find the right PG or hostel in Bangalore

How to find the right PG or hostel in Bangalore


Leaving home for the first time, either for work or studies, and Bangalore is your destination then you need some guidance on how to find a good accommodation. Bangalore has a surfeit of paying guest accommodations and hostels, but how do you find the one that suits you best.


Whichever city you need to move into, a little research on the city and its offerings is always beneficial. Let us look at a city like Bangalore (or Bengaluru, if you prefer). Are you a student joining an institution of higher learning, or an employee who has just joined a firm in Bangalore or a transferee from another city to Bangalore? The choice of accommodation will depend on that.


Paying guest (PG) accommodations and hostels are big businesses in Bangalore. You should do your research diligently to find the best option. The first step is to ask a friend to scout around the neighbourhood of the institution or the company you are joining; many of the places have ‘to let’ boards hanging outside. Women have to be careful about the location; it is best to avoid seedy looking places. That being said, there is a proliferation of pubs and bars in Bangalore but generally there is no trouble from these places. So it really should not bother you.


The second step is to put your requirements up on social networking sites of which Facebook is the most interactive. There are groups such as “Flats without brokers” and so on which help you find the right accommodation. You will find such groups for all cities. It will also save you the brokerage charges in many cases.


Most of the colleges in Bangalore offer hostel facilities but the problem is the curfew. In most girls’ hostels, the girls staying there have to be in by 8 pm or latest by 9 pm. This is not convenient for most students or working women, says Ankita Cherian, a student of Christ University.  The curfew at the PGs is often 10 pm which works out better for most people.  She says many of the PGs are very dirty and unhygienic and it is better to check them out before you make a decision.


The rates for good PGs range from INR 8000 to INR 15000 per month for a twin sharing room with food, according to Ibby Ibrahim, Partner, Dreamz estates & Properties, Bangalore . The rooms without food are about INR 5000 per month on twin sharing basis. You will find these PGs near colleges. Most of these PGs offer rooms for students and working women.


As a student there are some things that you might want to consider when looking for hostels or PGs. Budget considerations apart, the proximity to the institution, accessibility, surroundings, condition of the room and basic facilities like water and electricity are to be looked into. The reputation of the place and its owner are equally important. Food is another consideration.


Also, you need to find out if there will be a legal agreement with the owner, what are the dos and don’ts and what facilities will be provided to you as a part of this agreement. You will also have to consider how many people will be accommodated in the room and if there is any advance amount to be paid, will it be refunded when you leave. Ideally, these must be documented and signed for your own security.


However, “most owners of PGs and hostels do not give any written agreements”, said Ibby Ibrahim. “All agreements are verbal but certain rules are orally communicated to the prospective tenant and are strictly enforced,” he said.


In many of the PGs basic amenities provided are a cot, table and chair while you may have to bring in the mattress, pillows and bed sheets. Some of the better PGs have facilities such as washing machines, microwave ovens and fridges. Most of the better PGs have an attached bathroom, while cheaper hostels will have common toilets. There is no guaranteed parking for two wheelers or cars. Some owners ask for 3 to 5 months rent as an advance which is returnable when you leave. The advance amount payable is less for students than working people.


PG accommodations and hostels are an unregulated market and therefore there are no universal norms that are applied. In Bangalore there is a blurred line between hostels and PGs as they are considered the same. Do not get carried away by enticing advertisements. Some of them may be genuine but it is always better to check it for yourself and ask around before you commit.


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